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Deformity of Bones in Children Can Be Prevented - Parents Should Be Well Informed About The Precautionary Measures

23rd May,2024

Deformity of Bones in Children Can Be Prevented - Parents Should Be Well Informed About The Precautionary Measures

Childhood days are the most memorable part of each one of our lives. I am sure everyone will agree to this fact. As we all know, most children are somewhat mischievous. Their daily activity includes running around, playing games and doing naughty stuff. While doing so they too get hurt sometimes. They fall, have bruises & cuts and what not. But, because they get hurt while playing or running around, it doesn't mean that you will have to stop them from doing so. Here, we will discuss about some important facts and precautionary measures which will help & guide you in avoiding major infections in children.

Cuts and bruises are the main entry points for microbial organisms which can have severe effect on their bones and cause major infections. Septic arthritis is a type of infection which may occur in children. This type of infection is mainly seen in the joint region. You should also be aware that, this type of infection is very much unpredictable. If you notice any instability in movement of the child, you should immediately consult an orthopaedician. It will be your prime responsibility to notice the smallest of changes in your child's movement. 

A child may get injured, have fractures in bones due to severe fall while playing. Please do not get worried or tensed in these situations and also do not try to fix the region of injury by yourself. Immediately rush him to the nearest medical centre or hospital which has proper infrastructure to handle the injury sustained by the child. Plastering the injured/fractured/broken part of the body was a primitive method which was used earlier for treatment. Children faced major problems in handling these overweight plasters and it also caused major physical and psychological issues in them. But there are advanced methods available now. There are minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) which can help in fixing broken bones and fractures. A pin is used to fix the fractured or broken bone through a minor MI surgery. This procedure helps in speedy recovery of the child and it is also proved that there are no chances of any deformity. 

If the child has sustained an injury where the bone is exposed, the first thing which needs to be done is cleaning of the region. Post cleaning stitches can be given to close the wound. If the region is not cleaned properly, there are high chances of clotting of blood, infection and formation of pus. Spreading of infection to the bones might worsen the situation, wherein there is a risk of even amputation of the region which is infected. Hence, the injured area must be cleaned properly with saline before stitching. 

Many parents who visited us had enquired - what actually is a bone infection. The main signs and symptoms which need to be noticed are:

  • Fever
  • Feeling irritated and crying constantly
  • Infected region may get swollen and red
  • Mobility issues

These signs are very pertinent if your child is having any bone infection. A x-ray or an ultrasound is performed to identify the severity of infection. If the reach of infection is deep, an MRI may also be done. Infection can be avoided if parents have a close watch of every small incident through which their child is going through during their early childhood days. 

The main problem which is most often seen in case of children is their birth defect. The deformities which are mostly seen are:

  • Deformity of the feet
  • Hip joint problems related to ball & cup
  • Shoulder joint problems

You must immediately arrange for consulting a specialist orthopaedician if these problems are noticed. Early detection helps a lot in curing the problem which the child is having. We at Peerless Hospital always suggest parents to have a close watch on each and every movement of children. If there is any deformity seen in structure, firstly we opt for correctional conservative treatment. Parents are given hands on training to perform the massage to their children. If there is no change even after massage treatment, we opt for correctional surgical intervention.

0 to 5 years is accepted as a milestone age for proper growth of children. Hence parents should be well informed about every small change that the child is going through during this phase. We also suggest parents to be in touch with at least one specialist doctors for any assistance during this phase.