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Laboratory Sciences

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The biochemistry laboratory offers comprehensive range of clinical laboratory tests, which helps in early detection, screening, diagnosing and/or monitoring a disease. It is a NABL accredited laboratory providing one stop diagnostic solutions for routine, semi speciality and super speciality domains like oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, nephrology etc. The biochemistry laboratory also has a state of art facility which includes highly robust dry chemistry auto analyzer; Electro Chemiluminescence based Immunoassay analyzer; fully automated HPLC analyzer etc.

This section is also equipped with two semi automated platform like agarose gel electrophoresis for screening of Multiple myeloma and ELISA based ALEX2 allergy explorer for comprehensive allergy profile. The laboratory has been designed in such a way that every sample should pass through 50+ quality checks and processes. The laboratory has bidirectionally interfaced equipments providing connectivity with the hospital information management system and thus ensuring accurate and quick results. Research work is also done in the laboratory on biomarkers in various diseases.


Microbiology section is equipped with automated systems involving blood culture (FX40), TB culture (MGIT), bacterial identification and sensitivity (VITEK-2 Compact), biosafety and laminar airflow cabinets. Many research activities are in progress in this section with publications of many research papers in international and national journals. Students from all over the country participate in summer research and training program in this section every year. There are facilities for diagnosis of all microbes including the uncommon pathogens ensuring a fast turn-around-time. The Microbiologists play a vital role in antimicrobial selection for patients and in driving an effective antimicrobial stewardship in the hospital.

Infectious Disease Serology & Immunology section is equipped with modern equipment like Vitros Immunoassay system, Mini-Vidas, automated ELISA reader and Immunofluorescence microscope. There are facilities for immunofluorescence studies for ANA, dsDNA, pANCA, cANCA, ANA Profile, Hepatitis profile by Immunoblot technology; all Hepatitis markers, TORCH, Dengue etc. besides rare parameters like Scrub Typhus IgM, Brucella Serology and Galactomannan Antigen Test.

This highly advanced department is equipped with rapid molecular detection facilities like CBNAAT (GeneXpert), which detects many deadly infections like COVID 19, Tuberculosis including MDR and XDR TB, HBV DNA (quantitative), HCV RNA (quantitative), Clostridium difficile toxin within an hour or two. The unit is equipped with syndrome-based Multiplex Filmarray PCR system (Biofire) that detects pathogens causing upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, meningitis and gastro-enteritis, within a matter of a few hours.

There is also a full-fledged PCR Lab on the second floor with two Real Time PCR analyzers (Rotor Gene Q and CFX96), automated nucleic acid extractor (Kingfisher), manual extraction facilities, biosafety and laminar airflow cabinets, deep freezers and high speed cold centrifuge. The lab got ICMR approval for COVID 19 (SARS-CoV2) testing as early as on April 6, 2020, and is reputed for delivering authentic COVID reports within a turnaround time of only 6-8 hours. The laboratory is also one of the few private labs approved by the West Bengal Health Department for Flu-PCR testing. The lab also has facilities for genome sequencing by Sanger's sequencing method, and tests a battery of parameters by PCR - HLAB27, HPV genotyping, CMV (quantitative), Aspergillus, Mucor, Carbapenemase detection (NDM, OXA48, VIM, IMP) in Gram-negative bacilli, Methicillin resistance detection in Staphylococci (mecA, mecC), Vancomycin resistance (VanA, VanB) in Enterococci, ensuring a fast turn-around-time.

Haematology & Clinical Pathology

NABL Accredited Department of Hematopathology is equipped with series of automated equipments with bidirectional interfacing and stringent quality control. It issues nearly 9,000 reports every year. Parameters include routine CBCs, additional diagnostics in both automated hematology analyzers, evaluation of peripheral smear morphology, coagulation testing and clinical Pathology

Histopathology & Cytopathology

Department of Histopathology-Cytology & Molecular Pathology is the fastest growing amongst all departments included in the Laboratory Services as India and World progress towards an era of Molecular prognostications, Personalized Medicine and Targeted therapy. Managed by a team of highly qualified and dedicated Histopathologists with an optimum mix of training, experience and knowledge, accurate and timely reporting is done as per latest National and International formats.

Essentially dealing with biopsies of all kinds, the department handles nearly 10,000 cases every year. Tissue samples come to the department from every clinical specialties and refereed from the outside hospitals. It includes endoscopic biopsies, stereotactic biopsies, Trucut core biopsies and specimens obtained after simple and radical surgeries. Malignant cases are further evaluated using Immuno and Molecular markers for proper grading.

Department have a range of latest and updated equipments used in various stages of tissue processing. Equipments are handled by experienced technologists with exceptional skill sets required for automated and manual steps, who work in shifts covering 12 hrs everyday including Sundays and holidays.

Department is NABL Accredited which covers all parameters. It includes routine biopsies, Frozen sections, Histochemistries and wide array of Immunohistochemistries. Cytology section handles Liquid based cervical cytology, Body fluid cytology using cytocentrifuge.