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Our international patient helpdesk ensures seamless healthcare with support in enquiries, appointments, and travel arrangements. Trust us for personalized assistance and the highest standard of care.

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31 Years of Experience in Serving Mankind

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For close to a hundred years now the Peerless name has been synonymous with trust. Trust that has been won and retained by successive generations of Peerless people, who have made it their mission to give back to the society more than what it draws from it for sustenance.

Peerless Hospital & B.K. Roy Research Centre, the 500 bed Multi-Specialty Corporate Hospital is built around the core principle of selfless, single-minded, and sustainable service with ethical practice. Having a pioneering status in the healthcare domain in the Eastern part of India with what was and continues to be, a world-class facility backed by some of the most acclaimed medical practitioners in their respective fields of excellence.

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Colorectal Laparoscopy

18th July,2024

Health Care

Colorectal Laparoscopy

4 out of a 100 Indians run the risk of being afflicted with colorectal cancer in their lifetime. The good news is that advancements in medical science now ensure that if detected at an early stage, the ailment is completely curable. Naturally, early detection is the key. However, the incidence of those ...

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Pressure injury - Is it preventable

11th July,2024

Health Care

Pressure injury - Is it preventable

A pressure injury, formerly known as a pressure ulcer or bedsore, occurs when different kinds of forces are applied to the body, resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin and underlying tissues. They mostly form in regions with bony structures beneath the skin, such as the hips, buttocks, head, ankles, ...

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Preventing paediatric injuries: A parent's guide to child safety

19th June,2024

Health Care

Preventing paediatric injuries: A parent's guide to child safety

Parents always try to protect their children from accidental injuries. However, this can be a difficult task, especially when the children are still young and they miscalculate the risk involved with the way they play or move. Since such accidents can happen at any time, parents have to take proactive ...

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