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MBBS, MS (Gen Surgery), Fellowship in Surgical Oncology (TMC), Fellowship in Breast Oncoplasty (TMC)

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Areas Of Interest > Breast Conserving Surgeries > Sentinel Lymph Node biopsies > Reconstructions with Pedicled flaps with/without Implants including Therapeutic Breast Reductions. > Special Interest in Chemoport Insertions and removal. Research Work / Publication > 10-year Retrospective analysis of Phyllodes Tumor of Breast at Tata Medical Center - To Be published in JCO > Traumatic dislocation of the testis. Int Surg J 2019; Nov; 6 (11):4171-4172 > A Study of surgical management and its outcome in adult patients with intestinal obstruction. Int Surg J. 2019 Dec; 6(12):4370-4377 > Limberg flap for reconstruction after excision of multiple conglomerate epidermoid cysts. Int J Res Med Sci. 2020 Jan; 8(1) > Actinomycosis of Male Breast - A rare case report. Int Surg J. 2020 Mar;7(3):922-924 > Hydatid Cyst of Broad Ligament - A rare case report. Int Surg J. 2020 Apr;7(4): 1298-1300 > Trichobezoars - A Hairy Cause of Intestinal Obstruction. Int Surg J. 2020 May;7(5): 1658-1661 > Recurrent malignant Phyllodes tumor of the breast in a young nulliparous female. Int Journal of Surgery Science 2020; 4(1): 320-322 > Idiopathic Scrotal calcinosis - A case series. Int Journal of Surgery Science 2020; 4(2): 04-06 > Adult idiopathic hypertrophic pyloric stenosis: An infrequent cause of gastric outlet obstruction. Int Surg J. 2020 May; 7(5):1698-1700 > Vacuum assisted closure of diabetic wounds. Int Journal of Surgery Science 2020; 4(4): 14-17 > Superiority of RIPASA over modified ALVARADO scoring systems for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis - Original Research article. Int Surg J. 2021 Jan; 8(1): 207-214 > Is Limberg flap better than excision and primary closure for treatment of sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus - A prospective randomised study of 30 cases. Int Surg J. 2021 Feb;8 (2):699-703 > Diagnosis and management of phyllodes tumour of the breast - 5-year study of a tertiary care centre. Int J Surg Med. 2021; 7(5): 28-31 > Research on Correlation of Upper Gastro Intestinal Peptic Ulcer Diseases with Indian Demographics and consumption habits and its correlation with age, sex, religion, alcohol, tobacco addiction in urban and rural population of West Bengal for Short Term Studentship (STS) 2011, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Achievements > First prize in Paper presentation titled ?Benign Breast diseases in reproductive age group? at ASICON 2018, Chennai > First prize in Poster presentation titled ?Traumatic Dislocation of Testis? at ASICON 2018, Chennai > First prize in Poster presentation titled ?Recurrent Malignant Phyllodes Tumor in a Young Nulliparous Female? at Medinspire 2019 > First prize in Surgical Video competition at the 47th ICON Conference, 2022 > Received Fellowship travel grant for Poster titled ?Optimizing axillary surgery in patients with Breast pCR post NACT- A Retrospective Study? at European Breast cancer conference (EBCC)13, 2022.