Organ Transplant Compliance - Peerless Hospital, Kolkata

Result of the Authorization Committee

Sl. No Recipient Age/Blood Group/Sex Date of Committee Meeting Code Number assigned to the case Type of the Committee(Hospital based or State level) Result of the Committee(Approved/Rejected/Deferred)
1. 59/AB+/M 27/07/2018 CE/916-2001/M/1576 Swasthya Bhawan Approved
2. 33/AB+/F 01/04/2019 CE/916-2001/M/724 Swasthya Bhawan Approved
3. 35/A+/M 14/05/2019 CE/916-2001/M/1076 Swasthya Bhawan Approved
4. 48/O+/M 28/08/2020 CE/916-2001/M/1093 Swasthya Bhawan Approved
5. 50/B+/M 26/02/2021 CE/916-2001/M/384 Swasthya Bhawan Approved
6. 64/B+/F 16/07/2021 CE/916-2001/M/1352 Swasthya Bhawan Approved
7. 50/A+/F 02/03/2022 CE/916-2001/M/392 Swasthya Bhawan Approved
8. 45/B+/M 28/04/2022 CE/916-2001/M/904 Swasthya Bhawan Approved
9. 41/A+/F 26/05/2022 CE/916-2001/M/1141 Swasthya Bhawan Approved
10. 62/AB+/M 07/07/2022 CE/916-2001/M/1539 Swasthya Bhawan Approved
11. 34/O+/M 30/06/2022 CE/916-2001/M/1479 Swasthya Bhawan Approved
12. 28/B+/F 23/12/2022 CE/916-2001/M/3014 Swasthya Bhawan Approved

The number of Transplants done in the month (Organ Wise)

Sl. No Recipient Age/Blood Group/Sex DONOR Age/Blood Group/Sex Date of transplant MR NO Organ(Liver/Kidney/ Heart) Living Donor or Deceased Donor Result
1. 59/AB+/M 32/AB+/M 05/08/2018 MR/18/038356 Kidney Living Successful
2. 33/AB+/F 35/AB+/M 14/04/2019 MR/19/013939 Kidney Living Successful
3. 35/A+/M 34/A+/M 02/06/2019 MR/19/023386 Kidney Living Successful
4. 48/O+/M 31/O+/M 03/01/2021 MR/20/014854 Kidney Living Successful
5. 50/B+/M 30/B+/M 11/04/2021 MR/21/005905 Kidney Living Successful
6. 64/B+/F 43/B+/M 15/08/2021 MR/21/006226 Kidney Living Successful
7. 50/A+/F 30/A+/M 20/03/2022 MR/21/124003 Kidney Living Successful
8. 45/B+/M 30/B+/M 08/05/2022 MR/22/015767 Kidney Living Successful
9. 41/A+/F 39/A+/M 12/06/2022 MR/22/021474 Kidney Living Successful
10. 62/AB+/M 32/AB+/M 10/07/2022 MR/22/023218 Kidney Living Successful
11. 34/O+/M 54/O+/M 12/08/2022 MR/20/062080 Kidney Living Successful
12. 28/B+/F 36/B+/F 15/01/2023 MR/18/074796 Kidney Living Successful