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Department of Surgical Oncology the latest addition in our offerings are performing basic to radical surgeries under the leadership of Dr. Gautam Mukhopadhyay, Clinical Director, Department of Surgical Oncology.

Known for best practices in cancer treatment, cancer surgeries are performed in well identified regions of specializations as under:
  • General Onco-Surgery
  • Colorectal & GI Onco-Surgery
  • ENT Head & Neck Onco-Surgery
  • Uro Onco-Surgery
  • Gynaecological Onco-Surgery
  • Thoracic Onco-Surgery

Onco Surgeons of National repute make the best use of multispeciality support in treating and healing their patients for the best outcome. Onco Surgery patients are heavily dependent on the quality of critical care as post operative period needs close observation. Intensive care support is one of the most dependable in this region under the guidance of Dr. Ajoy Krishna Sarkar, Clinical Director, Critical Care.

Also post surgery support is vital for patients to have a favourable outcome. A dedicated team across related facilities offers the best post operative support.