World Trauma Day

Article written by :indraneel
Dr Indraneel Dasgupta
MRCS (Edinburgh), MRCS (Glasgow), MCEM (U.K.)
Clinical Director, Department of Emergency Medicine,
Peerless Hospital and B.K. Roy Research Centre, Kolkata

World Trauma Day is observed every year on the 17th Oct. Any injury caused to the body is what is referred to as Trauma. This day is particularly observed to spread awareness about the increasing rate of accidents and injuries causing disability and death across the world and the need to prevent them.

Trauma may be caused due to road traffic accidents, fires, burns, falls, acts of violence against the women children , elderly or the more vulnerable population of physically or mentally challenged people. Among all the causes the road traffic accident is the leading cause which adds to the maximum number of deaths, hospitalizations and disabilities every year across the globe. However, road traffic accidents are the ones which can be easily prevented.

Remember the following DO’s while driving :

* Attentively follow the traffic signals

* Avoid overtaking or rash driving

* A helmet is a must while riding a two-wheeler

* Avoid using ear or head phones while driving

* Avoid using mobile phones while driving

* Use rear and front mirrors carefully

* Make sure you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead

* Make sure you don’t postpone car servicing issues

Remember the following DO’s while walking on the road :

* Avoid using ear or head phones while walking

* Avoid using mobile phones while walking

* Use pavements

* Avoid walking between vehicles waiting at the signal

* Cross roads using zebra crossing/ subways or foot bridges

* While crossing the road where zebra crossing is not available look to the left, to the right to the left again and then cross only if there are no cars plying then.

At Peerless Hospital Emergency Department huge number of cases comes in every year particularly during the festive seasons. Many such accidents could be prevented if adequate safety measures had been taken.  Also we urge every responsible citizen to be trained in Basic Life Support so that as a bystander they can give their best at the site of accident to take the patient to the nearest healthcare provider to advocate a favourable outcome.


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