Colorectal Cancer – symptoms, diagnosis and lifestyle modifications to avoid its development

Article written by : Dr Sibnath Mondal MS (Cal), MRCS (Edin), AFRCS (Ire), FRCS (UK), CCST in General Surgery Consultant General, Gastro & Laparoscopic Surgeon The human body comprises of various complex systems which work/function together and

FEVER – A dreadful word in the COVID Era

Article written by : Dr Sanjukta De DCH (Cal), DNB (Paeds), DCH (London), MRCPCH (UK), FRCPCH (UK), Dip Allergy (UK), Clinical Director Department of Paediatrics & Neonatology Fever is a temporary increase in the body temperature, often

Pressure injury – Is it preventable?

Article written by : Dr. Koustubh Chakraborty MD (P.M.&R.), DNB (P.M.&R.), ECFMG (USA), Consultant Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation A pressure injury, formerly known as a Pressure Ulcer or Bedsore, occurs when different kinds of forces are applied

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – risk factors, symptoms & precautionary measures

Article written by : Dr Ajoy Krishna Sarkar MD (Cal), MRCP (UK), FRCP (London) Clinical Director, Critical Care Unit high exposure to air pollutants. Hence, the risk factors of COPD are mainly – tobacco & air pollution.

Dengue – Symptoms & prevention measures

Article written by : Dr Anupam Maity MD (General Medicine) Consultant General Medicine Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease which poses high medical burden in many regions worldwide. However, the disease is now an endemic in many

Pneumococcal disease; why this needs to be addressed

Article written by : Dr Sanjoy Gupta MD, FCCP Consultant Respiratory Medicine Pneumococcal disease is a bacterial infection (caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae). At times it can lead to severe illnesses like- Lung Infection (specially pneumonia) Bloodstream infections

World Trauma Day

Article written by : Dr Indraneel Dasgupta MRCS (Edinburgh), MRCS (Glasgow), MCEM (U.K.) Clinical Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, Peerless Hospital and B.K. Roy Research Centre, Kolkata World Trauma Day is observed every year on the 17th

Chronic viral hepatitis – Early diagnosis for better treatment possibilities

Article written by : Dr. Partha Pratim Bose MD, DM (PGI Chandigarh) Consultant Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist Peerless Hospital Inflammation in the liver caused by viruses directed specifically to the liver cause acute and chronic liver injury . Problems

Is COVID 19 treatment triggering diabetes in the recovering patients?

Article written by : Dr. Anupam Maity MD (General Medicine) Consultant General Medicine Peerless Hospital Since the COVID 19 outbreak across the globe, lot of attention has been given to people with co- morbidities or presence of

Warning signs for complications in pregnancy: Knowing the Red Flags

The pregnancy period is normally a joyous, fulfilling and satisfying experience for most mothers and their families usually culminating in the safe delivery of a healthy baby marking the beginning of a new era in the family