Chronic viral hepatitis – Early diagnosis for better treatment possibilities

Article written by :drPPBose
Dr. Partha Pratim Bose
MD, DM (PGI Chandigarh)
Consultant Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist Peerless Hospital

Inflammation in the liver caused by viruses directed specifically to the liver cause acute and chronic liver injury . Problems range from acute hepatitis with jaundice to acute liver failure. Cirrhosis of the liver with all its complications, sometimes progressing to liver cancer is an effect of chronic infection. With lots of developments in Medical science the diagnosis of each of these infections can be made. Hepatitis C a dreaded cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer can now be cured with oral medicines.

Hepatitis B can also be treated and well controlled with oral medicines . It is important to diagnose the chronic viral diseases early in the course as treatment in this condition can prevent progression and avoid death. There are often pointers which suggest chronic infection with B and C virus which the treating doctor recognises and hence patients are being diagnosed and treated at an early stage of the infection with good results. It would be advisable to all not to disregard ones own problems and to seek medical advise for loss of appetite, unexplained nausea, jaundice, abdominal distension and fluid accumulation, vomiting of blood, unexplained loss of weight etc. We should be conscious of our health and take advantage of the huge progress made in medical science over the last few decades as Health is wealth.

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